Please contact us for specific details or any interests or unique requirements: 1-800-425-8108 or nuclearparts@ge.com

GEH offers a wide range of reactor parts, including control rod blades (CRB) and drives (CRD), hydraulic control units (HCU), and reactor internal components.

Our solutions include equivalency, obsolescence, design improvements, and outage support for parts. As the OEM, GEH owns the qualifications on parts and has in-depth knowledge of components critical to the qualification of assemblies. This intellectual property and technical subject matter knowledge also protects against suspect and counterfeit parts. 


  • OEM designer and single source support for all integrated reactor parts needs.
  • Capability to contract customized, bundled packages of parts and services
  • Unmatched engineering support capability to address any integrated reactor component performance issue
  • World class dedication facility
  • ASME authorized manufacturer


  • Advanced control rod blade architecture for medium (MD) and high duty (HD) Marathon Ultra CRBs: The Ultra MD CRB is for original equipment replacements and low-duty locations.  The Ultra HD CRB is for control cell and high-duty locations.  Both are highly reliable and fully compatible with all previous BWRs.
  • Integrated control rod drives (CRD) maintenance and parts supply management: GEH’s parts supply packages provide better value because GEH manages the process—and the risk—associated with refurbishing CRD parts and maintaining inventory.
  • Hydraulic control units (HCU) parts dedication, obsolescence, or replacement source requirements: GE is the single source supplier for all HCU component part needs including stainless steel accumulators, scram solenoid pilot valves, directional control valves, scram valve parts, and manual isolation valves.
  • Spare parts: reactor internal spare parts such as jet pump beam bolts, shroud head bolts, core plugs, and miscellaneous hardware.
  • Anti-Fouling Inlet Mixer (AFIM): a coated replacement for fouled inlet mixers, providing improved jet pump performance.

Control Rod Drives and Control Rod Blades are built on-site at GEH’s Wilmington, NC plant. They are put through a rigorous inspection process before being shipped to our customers around the world.