Stinger: Bridge-Free Tooling

The remotely operated Stinger tool provides BWR nuclear power plants the ability to clean and perform In-Vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) functions during critical path activities, thereby reducing cost, radiation dose and critical outage time. Through advanced camera and remote positioning technology the system allows examiners to inspect from the annulus floor to the Reactor Pressure Vessel flange without tool removal or reconfiguration.

Remote operation of Stinger also allows for uninterrupted fuel movement and significant dose savings improvement by reducing the number of inspection workers from the refuel floor.

Stinger’s advanced visual inspection capabilities allow data to be transferred in real-time for analysis by qualified Level III inspectors at our IVVI Center of Excellence in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Benefits of Stinger

Non-interrupted critical path activities

  • Cleans and inspects IVVI components from the annulus floor to the RPV flange without a track or additional supporting equipment
  • Improved visual inspection capabilities, with real-time data transfer for GEH expert examination
  • Reduction of personnel needed for IVVI
  • Optimized IVVI windows and refuel floor schedules
  • Reduction in IVVI activity radiation exposure
  • Ability to remotely clean and perform inspections during critical path fuel movement
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