The GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Performance Services portfolio offers existing nuclear plants a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and capabilities. 

This portfolio:

  • Optimizes plant performance
  • Offers enhanced maintenance, reliability, and safety
  • Utilizes innovative, patented technology and tools
  • Supports eco-friendly power generation systems
  • Maximizes return on investment over service life
  • Leverages extensive knowledge with utilities


The Nuclear Measurement Analysis and Control (NUMAC) product line is a best-in-class family of monitoring instruments designed to improve plant performance and increase plant longevity.

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GE Hitachi Parts Asset Management Solutions (PAMS) enables the proactive identification of spare part issues and delivers solutions for BWR plant obsolescence issues.

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SFPLM: is a system that provides accurate measurement of the Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) water level and temperature. The system supports safe and efficient plant operation while meeting the world’s toughest seismic requirements.

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Jet Pump Anti-Vibration Solution

The Jet Pump Anti-Vibration Solution (AVS) utilizes hard stops, compliant stops, and slip joint clamps to mitigate vibration, making it a robust and effective way to address the issue.

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Feedwater Debris Strainer (FWDS)

Captures and retains debris as small as 0.016 in. (including brush bristles) in BWRs and Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs) to prevent potential fuel failures.

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