To meet the needs of Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) globally, the GEH PARTS team delivers a diverse portfolio of replacement parts and services.

These include economical and reliable control rod blades and drive systems, mechanical and motor replacement parts, a wide range of electrical distribution equipment and electronic parts such as Nuclear Measurement Analysis and Control (NUMAC) components.


Benefits include:

  • High-quality, durable replacement parts help utilities extend plant lifetime and enjoy safer and more efficient operation
  • Innovate solutions incorporate patented technology and extensive OEM experience, helping utilities lower operating costs


GEH supports our customers by providing high quality electrical parts like EntelliGuard™ and Spectra™ for non-safety and safety applications.

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GEH Electronics offers certified parts, equipment, and services for both Neutron Monitoring System (NMS) and non-NMS applications. GEH offers new-build, refurbished, and repaired parts to ensure our customers have emergency spares, outage material, and routine maintenance material to support  electronic circuit card needs.   

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Nuclear Blade Reactor Parts

Reactor Parts

GEH offers a wide range of reactor parts, including Control Rod Blades (CRB), Control Rod Drives (CRD), Hydraulic Control Units (HCU), and reactor internal components.  

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Mechanical parts and Motor parts

GEH mechanical and motor parts provide safety, non-safety and commercial grade components and motors, including: Replacement Grapple Heads, Drier Separator Sling, and Jet Pump Grapple Parts.

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PAMS Management Solutions


GE Hitachi Parts Asset Management Solutions (PAMS) enables the proactive identification of spare part issues and delivers solutions for BWR plant obsolescence issues.

PAMS currently consists of six offerings: Expanded Exchange Services Program (EESP), Engineering Services (ES), PAMS Digitized, PAMS 3D, Material Solutions, and System Assessment Report.

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