Expanded Exchange Service Program (EESP)

The EESP is one of the most widely used services within the PAMS suite. It helps to ensure BWR customers have access to the electronics parts they need for both planned maintenance and emergency situations while offering a substantial discount on all covered parts.

All EESP parts are guaranteed to ship to US customers within 24 hours and to international customers within 4 days.


  • On-demand exchange service program for GEH electronic parts
  • Substantial cost savings vs. market price
  • Covered parts shipped within 24 hours
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • Obsolescence managed by GEH

Engineering Services

If you need a part that is now obsolete and discontinued, GEH will either source an alternative part or engineer a certified replacement.


  • Sources or engineers obsolescent parts
  • OEM-certified per-design basis

Material Solutions

GEH Material Solutions delivers needed parts within 24 hours, eliminating a typical 20-day cycle.

A one-year fixed pricing model saves customers substantial time and money.

This program includes virtually all motors, mechanical materials, and electrical parts. (Electronics are covered by EESP).


  • Fixed pricing list with quantity discounts
  • Eliminates RFQ process
  • Saves up to 20 days off total cycle time
  • Guaranteed availability

System Assessment Report

SAR provides notifications of needed parts and predicts when these parts will be needed.

A customized SAR solution can range from a simple NUMAC chassis display to a complete wiring and mechanical system for a plant.


  • Comprehensive report to quickly identify parts issues
  • Customized, scalable solution
  • Report incorporates obsolescence, inventory, shelf life, counterfeit risk, parts criticality, and failure risk

Inventory Management

As an element of the System Assessment Report and EESP, Inventory Management provides customers with general parts upkeep and maintenance information to address routine needs.

PAMS Digitized is a visual, web-based tool based on the OEM drawings. It provides a holistic view of the electrical and mechanical obsolescence and inventory management issues a plant can face and provides solutions. 

The system identifies recommended replacement parts, pinpoints obsolescence concerns, and generates electronic RFQs.

PAMS 3D provides the same services for electronic parts.


  • Visual application based on OEM drawings
  • Enables users to proactively identify obsolescence and inventory management issues
  • Simplifies ordering processes