The SFPLM is a system that provides accurate measurement of the Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) water level and temperature. Using NUMAC electronics located up to 1000 feet from the SFP, the system supports safe and efficient plant operation while meeting the world’s toughest seismic requirements.  It has been successfully deployed in Japan.

The SFPLM fits into the NUMAC chassis and uses proven NUMAC electronics. The system consists of two channels of 19” rack-mounted NUMAC chassis, two stainless steel passive probes, and two interface coaxial cables.

  • Provides accurate measurement of the SFP water level with NUMAC electronics located up to 1000 feet (304 meters) away
  • Severe Accident/Station Blackout (SBO) survivability
  • Remote electronic operation with level drop alarms
  • Meets toughest global seismic requirements
  • Standardized housing size for lower cost and simpler installation
  • Easy-to-read oversized screen
  • Robust chassis designed to withstand wear
  • Full system setups built in GEH’s new I&C lab for Customer Factory Acceptance (CFAT) in Wilmington, N.C.