Benefits of NUMAC

The NUMAC product line is a best-in-class family of monitoring instruments designed to improve plant performance and increase plant longevity.  NUMAC has a common, modular chassis architecture providing digital solutions and resulting in a clear data picture for plant operators.  The monitors are designed for specific functional applications with embedded firmware, protecting against cybersecurity threats.

Different NUMAC Offerings


NUMAC Monitors

Power Range Neutron Monitor (PRNM), Wide Range Neutron Monitor (WRNM), Radiation Monitors, and Automatic Traversing In-Core Probe (ATIP).

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Spent Fuel Pool Level Monitor (SFPLM)

A system that provides accurate measurement of the Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) water level and temperature. Through NUMAC electronics located up to 1000 feet from the SFP, the system supports safe and efficient plant operation while meeting the world’s toughest seismic requirements.  It has been successfully deployed in Japan.

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Rod Control Management System (RCMS)

A digital control system designed to provide more precise control and feedback of the plant’s control rod system.

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