GEH provides support to help customers achieve the longest feasible life of one of their most valuable assets beyond current plant licensing.

We offer methods to optimize safety margin and support life extension using technologically advanced equipment, engineering analysis, and modification services to address material and obsolescence issues.


The NUMAC product line is a best-in-class family of monitoring instruments designed to improve plant performance and increase plant longevity.

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GE Hitachi Parts Asset Management Solutions (PAMS) enables the proactive identification of spare part issues and delivers solutions for BWR plant obsolescence issues.

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Jet Pump AVS

The Jet Pump Anti-Vibration Solution (AVS) utilizes hard stops, compliant stops, and slip joint clamps to mitigate vibration, making it a robust and effective way to address the issue.

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Spent Fuel Pool Level Monitor (SFPLM)

SFPLM: is a system that provides accurate measurement of the Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) water level and temperature. The system supports safe and efficient plant operation while meeting the world’s toughest seismic requirements.

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