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Feedwater Debris Strainer(FWDS)


Details of FWDS

The “in-line” Feedwater Debris Strainer (FWDS) is designed to provide additional protection from unwanted debris in primary systems (BWRs) and secondary systems (PWRs).   

GE Hitachi’s innovative design reduces the risk that debris related to maintenance activities enters systems through feedwater lines, preventing potential fuel failures.

The innovative design of the GE Hitachi FWDS, developed through an extensive design and testing process, maximizes debris capture capability (100% of particles above 0.016” diameter—including brush bristles!) while maintaining flow performance with minimal pressure drop. The FWDS is a sound investment in your plant’s preventive maintenance.


Benefits of FWDS

Best-in-class debris separation capability:

  • Provides fuel protection from large and small debris
  • Protection of steam generator and other components from debris in PWRs
  • 100% catch rate of wires and particles above 0.016” diameter
  • Consistent debris capture at all flow rates, and debris is held indefinitely
  • Low maintenance: uninterrupted multi-cycle operation
  • Remote sensing approximates strainer debris load in real time without visual inspection
  • Installation across all feedwater lines in a single outage
  • Debris risk mitigation for major modifications (EPU, etc.)