Please contact us for specific details or any interests or unique requirements: 1-800-425-8108 or nuclearparts@ge.com

GEH Electronics offers certified parts, equipment, and services for both Neutron Monitoring System (NMS) and non-NMS applications.  GEH offers new-build, refurbished, and repaired parts to ensure our customers have emergency spares, outage material, and routine maintenance material to support electronic circuit card needs.   

As the OEM, GEH Electronics engineers provide technical support, engineering design services, part equivalency evaluations, and obsolescence management for all electronic parts.  GEH’s Expanded Exchange Service Program (EESP) offers an “on-demand” part exchange service where GEH guarantees part shipment within 24 hours and maintains inventory of critical spares.


  • Full complement of new and/or refurbished Safety and Non-Safety rated parts and services: NUMAC, Power Supplies, and other GEH-BWR Instrumentation and Controls systems
  • Critical electronic spares and replacement parts
  • Dedicated electronics engineering resources
  • GEH-OEM customer problem solving support