Buried Pipe Inspection Services


Can travel up to 1000 ft., in liquid filled, partially filled and empty pipes.


Able to traverse pipe with a small or changing diameter (from 6 to 30 in)

Buried Pipe Details

Ensuring piping system integrity in modern plants has never been more critical for improving operational reliability and reducing financial risks.

GEH’s Buried Pipe Inspection Services program offers industry intelligent, state-of-the-art, self-propelled robotic equipment that is capable of navigating complex underground piping systems and saves customers substantial time and money.

GEH’s Buried Pipe Inspection Services offer the nuclear industry an intelligent alternative to manual excavation and inspection with its proven In-Line Inspection (ILI) platform. We offer two inspection tools, the Ultrasonic Tool (UT) which has the ability to inspect pipes with diameters 6-24 in. and the Electromagnetic Tool (ET) which inspects pipes with diameters ranging from 12-48 in.

We combine the latest in nondestructive testing technologies with our unique, flexible robotic delivery system and highly trained field services technicians.

The result is a comprehensive, high-resolution and high defect discrimination inspection.

GEH is able to explore and examine complete piping systems ( liquid-filled, partially-filled, or empty ).  GEH collects and interprets real-time data to assess the integrity of the pipeline and recommend steps to prevent failures and help ensure continuous service.

Buried Pipe Benefits

  • Flexible, self-propelled robots have been successfully used across GE in many industries.
  • Capable of travelling up to 1,000 ft. in liquid-filled, partially-filled, or dry pipes 
  • Able to traverse pipe sections with a small or changing diameter
  • Equipped with the latest camera technology to provide a visual overview of piping systems