GE Hitachi been an important player in the Pressurized Water Reactor services business to help new and existing customers maximize outage execution. The GEH services team will help ensure that customers have the maximum level of project management and technical rigor for both planned and emergency maintenance before, during and post outage. 

GEH brings to PWR operators the same level of project management expertise and technical rigor that GEH has brought to BWR customers for more than five decades, ensuring operational excellence in the areas of safety, ALARA, foreign material exclusion, quality and schedule adherence.

In early 2016, GEH announced the successful completion of its first services outage at a PWR facility. The outage, completed in partnership with Exelon Generation at the R.E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant in Ontario, New York, was completed under budget and ahead of schedule with no safety-related or human performance issues. The scope of work conducted by GEH was completed 26 hours ahead of schedule.

To date, GEH has completed full refueling scope outages at multiple plants of several designs. In the process, GEH has trained and has access to over 100 PWR Services professionals globally.  In 2018, GEH also completed its first PWR Services scope of work in Europe..


  • Superior response to emergent situations

24/7 Customer Service

  • Technical and project management assistance available around the clock

Cost and Schedule Accuracy

  • Approach designed to ensure that contracted scope is on schedule and on budget


  • Your goals are our goals. Safety, dose, FME and schedule execution are our priorities

Reduced Risk

  • Collaborative risk mitigation process developed to identify and communicate all project risks