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Leveraging Experience

Building on nearly 60 years of nuclear fuel manufacturing experience, NSF is GNF’s answer to channel bow in boiling water reactors. Using advanced manufacturing techniques and a proprietary combination of zirconium, niobium, tin and iron, NSF is resistant to channel bow that causes channel-control blade interference. It is an innovative solution from the world leader in boiling water reactors.

How it works

Fluence gradient-induced bow is low because NSF is resistant to breakaway growth that occurs in Zircaloy. Shadow corrosion-induced bow in NSF is a factor of five lower than Zircaloy-2

The impact of NSF

NSF is designed to significantly decrease the susceptibility of channel-control blade interference and the need for operational testing, allowing customers to operate their plants with higher efficiency.

An advanced manufacturing machine in our Wilmington, N.C. fuel components operation.