The ACUMEN™ core monitoring and prediction system builds upon legacy GE solutions like 3DMonicore to monitor and predict fuel performance based on neutron instrumentation inputs.

It provides our customers with the data they need to optimize the performance of one of their most valuable assets.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cyber Security The ACUMEN system is designed to assure cybersecurity for nuclear facilities in the United States per NRC Regulation 5.71. 
  • Customer Service The ACUMEN database provides data transfer and enables quick diagnosis and engineering assistance to support their needs. 
  • Modern User Interface ACUMEN provides user configuration, which facilitates workspace optimization, customization and efficiency.
  • Database The ACUMEN system employs a relational SQL database for both long-term and short-term information, configuration data and core simulator output data. The database provides flexibility for historical trending and analysis, including multiple fuel cycles.
  • Operating System ACUMEN runs on the Microsoft Windows platform which provides increased control, availability and flexibility.