Lower fuel costs for today’s demanding market


Evolutionary design for increased energy output and operational flexibility


Delivering innovative solutions leveraging our experience

Based on evolutionary design changes and advanced technology developed by GNF, the GNF3 fuel assembly is designed to offer customers improved fuel cycle economics, increased performance and flexibility in operation and further improve on the reliability of GNF’s previous product lines.

Our latest channel material, NSF, will be standard on GNF3. NSF provides protection against channel distortion, almost completely eliminating the need for additional monitoring, inspections and re-channeling, one of the biggest issues and operating costs facing the fleet today. Additionally, GNF's  Defender™ PLUS debris filter significantly improves the chance of stopping debris before it reaches the fuel assembly.

In addition to improved performance, GNF’s ongoing commitment to excellence and state-of-the-art manufacturing assures that GNF3’s advanced design will continue to exhibit outstanding corrosion and debris resistance. 

The robust structural design further improves its defenses against debris while ensuring long-lasting structural integrity. GNF3 continues the GNF2 proven track record of zero manufacturing defect-related fuel failures, zero pellet cladding interaction failures and zero corrosion-related failures.

GNF3: evolutionary design, better fuel cycle economics, increased performance, and operational flexibility—fueling the future… today.

Fuel Cycle Economics: Critical for Our Customers

Lower costs are more important than ever in today’s demanding energy market. GNF is designed to save utilities money by seeking to reduce batch fraction, lowering the average enrichment in fuel reloads, and extracting more power from the core.

GNF utilizes deep, technical knowledge and a proven track record of operational excellence to assist our customers in operating their plants more efficiently, which in turn should allow them to realize even more savings with our robust, efficient GNF fuel.  

Regulatory Confidence

Utilizing our existing 10x10 lattice design, proven materials, and evolutionary bundle design changes, GNF reduces regulatory hurdles and offers remarkable speed to market over its competition. GNF’s GESTAR II generic compliance process enables us to migrate through the regulatory process with less risk, allowing customers to take advantage of the cost savings and reliability benefits today.