Delivers increased energy output while reducing overall fuel cycle costs


Improved manufacturing process greatly reduces corrosion and improves debris resistance.

Optimized Design and Performance

The enhanced design of the GNF2 fuel assembly – based on pioneering technologies developed by GNF – provides customers with improved fuel utilization and increased performance and reliability.

In addition to increased output and reduced fuel costs, GNF2’s advanced design and improved manufacturing process greatly reduce corrosion and provide for improved debris resistance. GNF's  Defender™ PLUS debris filter significantly improves the chance of stopping debris before it reaches the fuel assembly.

Increased Output and Reduced Fuel Costs

To meet customers’ needs in a demanding market, we designed GNF2 to deliver increased energy output – while reducing overall fuel cycle costs. 

In 2017 GNF announced enhancements to GNF2 that are aimed at further improving reliability.

The newest version of the product, known as GNF2.02 was launched using GNF’s latest process for design iteration including rapid prototyping and testing. Improvements to the Defender™ PLUS debris filter significantly improve the chance of stopping debris before it ever reaches the fuel bundle.

An improved debris filter means that GNF2.02 will offer customers even better fuel reliability which translates to lower operating costs. The use of 3D printing to prototype fuel filter designs enabled GNF to reduce the typical design cycle without sacrificing quality or design rigor.