GNF - Fueling the Future

For nearly 60 years we have been providing the most reliable and efficient fuel in the nuclear industry.

We are proud of our engineering excellence in fuel design, optimization and analysis and have been recognized with dozens of patents, awards and honors.

Today, we offer two primary fuel options for boiling water reactors, GNF2 and GE14. Our next generation fuel design, GNF3, is available in lead use assembly quantities to customers today and is scheduled to be available for full reloads in 2019.  

We also have developed a suite of other products to support our customers' needs, including the ACUMEN™ core monitoring system and our bow-resistant NSF fuel channels.

In addition, we are developing third generation uranium enrichment technology using lasers through our Global Laser Enrichment partnership.



Improved fuel cycle economics, increased performance and operational flexibility.

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Increased output and reduced fuel cost while providing customers operating flexibility.

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Employing a 10x10 bundle configuration, GE14 sets the standard for efficiency and debris resistance.

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Taking Core Monitoring to the Next Level.

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Reducing Channel Bow through Innovation.

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Global Laser Enrichment (GLE)

Global Laser Enrichment is developing third-generation uranium enrichment technology.

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