"It’s extremely rewarding to help a plant get through a difficult situation such as operating with a fuel failure. The closer we work together, the better decisions we are able to make!"


Has helped BWRs operate more successfully even when they have fuel performance problems.


30 years of experience mitigating fuel reliability challenges.



  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Nuclear Reactors
  • Nuclear Fuel Inspections


Find out how GNF and its customers met the zero fuel leaker challenge

About Rob

Rob is a fuel reliability engineer for GEH’s BWR services business as well as one of the foremost nuclear fuel reliability experts and most experienced interpreters of BWR offgas and reactor coolant activity in the world. Rob and the Reliability Team at Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF) developed operating practices and procedures that are universally applied throughout the BWR fleet to help utilities prevent fuel failures.

Rob and his team are available 24/7 in case customers need general assistance or help with their fuel reliability challenges. This kind of customer support has in hundreds of cases helped to prevent a multi-million dollar outage expense, and aided customers in continuing to generate cleaner, safe nuclear power.

With over 30 years of nuclear experience, his background includes 22 years at GNF in Wilmington, N.C. Before that, he spent five years in the GEH services business, where he was Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) certified and worked on outage projects and startup testing. Prior to GE, Rob spent five years in the US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program. 


Manhattan College
BS, Chemical Engineering