"Our ability to partner with customers to leverage our expertise and co-develop solutions for their issues is game-changing."


GE Power Customer Impact Award, 2013


Recognized by Vaccine Ambassadors as top 31 most Inspiring People in 2013



  • Innovation 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Information Technology 
  • LEAN Management


PAMS Digitized is a visual, web-based tool based on OEM drawings. It provides solutions based on a holistic view of the electrical and mechanical obsolescence and inventory management issues a plant can face.

About Hao

Hao is the innovation leader for GEH’s Fuels and Services business with a vision to transform our organization into an innovation powerhouse. Driving successful innovation all starts with the environment we work in. Hao develops a culture that enables collaboration between organizations to co-generate new ideas and quickly prototype and learn from failures, in order to develop products and services that solve critical issues.

Hao and his team are leveraging FastWorks, a GE-developed innovation framework, to partner with customers to disrupt the power industry. Robotics, drones, virtual reality, advanced analytics, and big data, are a few innovation initiatives that are helping GE Power customers improve plant safety, reduce costs, and generate more electricity.

Prior to GE, Hao was a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture and IBM. His work included helping Fortune 500 companies use information technology as an enabler for sales growth. During his free time, Hao participates as the co-founder of an education start-up called Grow by Design.


North Carolina State University

BA, Electrical Engineering

New York University
MS, Information Systems

University of Chicago Booth
Executive MBA

Harvard University
MS, Sustainability