"My focus is attracting and retaining customers through exceptional support and service while offering a complete portfolio line"


Six Sigma Green Belt


Developed GEH’s platform – Parts Asset Management Solutions (PAMS)



  • Services
  • Business Development
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Contract Management


Discover how PAMS enhances part availability, extends equipment life cycles and improves plant reliability

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Brad Detamore

Senior Services Manager GE Hitachi

About Brad

Brad is a senior services manager of E&M (Electrical/Electronics/Motor Parts) and parts solutions within GEH. He leads and manages three separate product lines; electronics, electrical and motor parts to provide aftermarket OEM replacement parts and support to our customers. In addition to managing these product lines, he spends his time developing short- and long-term product strategy and portfolios that best align with our customer’s needs.

Before joining GEH Nuclear division, he spent four years with the GE Consumer & Industrial - Lighting division working at different manufacturing sites as the operation plant manager. Before that, he spent 12 years with the Wire & Cable Industry in various engineering and operational positions with both BICC Cables and The Okonite Company.


B.S., Industrial Engineering

Purdue University