Commitment to Safety

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy firmly embraces the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) principles for a strong nuclear safety culture. Safety is our number-one priority and is the hallmark of our three industry leading reactor designs: ABWR, ESBWR, and PRISM.

The ESBWR employs advanced, true passive safety systems and a simplified design utilizing natural circulation. Based on core damage frequency, the industry standard measure of safety, the ESBWR is the world’s safest approved nuclear reactor design.

The ABWR is the world’s first Generation III reactor in operation with over 15 years of safe and successful operating experience.

The PRISM reactor is a Generation IV, sodium-cooled reactor that produces electricity while recycling used nuclear fuel and transuranic wastes including plutonium. PRISM is based on over 30 years of safe operation of test reactors by U.S. national labs. It contains improvements in design, including substantial simplification and air-cooled passive safety with no operator action required.

For decades, GEH has developed technology that has played a key role in optimizing plant performance and safety. Examples of the many technology offerings include our Spent Fuel Pool Level Monitors which enable power plant operators to safely monitor water levels in pools where used nuclear fuel is stored. Our Stinger automated in-vessel visual inspection tool allows outage inspection operators to work safely from a remote location.

Our fuel manufacturing facilities are also focused on safe operations. At our global headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina, we have earned the Carolina Star designation as a top safety performer. Each and every day, safety is our top priority.