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Less equipment and piping than similar sized PWRs

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Proven shorter construction time ... approximately 42 months from first concrete to first fuel load



The Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) is the foundation of GEH’s nuclear reactor portfolio. The Gen III design is available today to meet power generation needs ranging from 1350 to 1460 MW net. It delivers proven advanced technology and competitive economics.

The ABWR has an impressive track record. It is the world’s first and only Generation III nuclear plant design in operation today, providing the benefit of a combined 20 reactor-years of operational experience. GEH’s first ABWR began commercial operation at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in Japan, in 1996. Three additional ABWRs are operating in Japan with two more under construction in Japan, and two in Taiwan. The ABWR is licensed in the U.S., Japan and Taiwan.

The ABWR is a direct cycle Light Water Reactor that reflects 50 years of continued evolution from GEH’s initial BWR concept— combining the best features from our worldwide BWR fleet.

Our well-established, global supply chain is already qualified and prepared today to support deployment of new nuclear power plants.

Benefits and Features of the ABWR

  • Lowest-in-class core damage frequency at power (1.6 x 10-7/year)
  • Standardized design capable of further uprates
  • 60-year design life 
  • Modularized design to optimize construction schedule 
  • Demonstrated capital and O&M cost structure in Japan 
  • Significantly lower in staffing and maintenance costs per kWh than the current U.S. installed base of Gen I and II nuclear reactors.
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